How to load drivers for CanoScan Lide scanner in Windows 7

Have you plugged in the scanner and installed it to find that it doesn’t work? You will first need to download the driver deletion tool from here.   Then you will need to download the Lide 60 drivers,  canoscan toolbox and winrar: CanoScan Toolbox Lide 60 32-bit Driver Lide 60 64-bit Driver Winrar  For 32-bit machines: – Use Winrar tool to extract lide60vst11110a_xpen.exe file. – Open the folder create names lide60vst11110a_xpen – Looking for SetupSG.exe you can find inside the folder – Extract it the same way again and you will find the driver – Right click Computer – Select Manage – Now choose Device Manager – Plug in the scanner so […]

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