Restore the Unread Mail Folder in Outlook

The “Unread mail” folder is a Default Search folder present in Microsoft Outlook. It contains a count of the number of mails that are unread in a particular E-mail account. Sometimes, this search folder might not be displayed along with the favourite mail folders or it could have been accidentally deleted. If this is the case, don’t panic, you can easily restore the “Unread mail” folder and make it display with the rest of the favourite mail folders. Here are the instructions on how to get this done.

In Outlook, click on ‘Folder’ tab and then under the ‘Folder’ tab, in the ‘New’ category, click on the ‘New Search Folder’ icon.

New search icon





Now in the “New Search Folder” window, click on ‘Unread Mail’ in the ‘Reading Mail’ category, and then click on ‘OK’.

The unread mail term in the reading mail section of the new search folder window










You can use this procedure to restore any of the Search Folders in Outlook.

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